James Gilboy

In this not-a-review, James Gilboy talks about the 2020 Toyota 86 in its throwback Hakone Edition. This last gasp for the current-generation 86 brings questions about what the plans are for this little car going forward. Have no fear, James has a wish list he wants to see in the next-gen of this rear-drive Toyota.

Find Gilboy’s actual review here:

Check out the Alfa 155 DTM V6 Ti here:

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In this video, contributor James Gilboy drives the 2020 Bolt EV, Chevrolet’s longest-running electric vehicle. He talks about the ups and downs of this vehicle versus its closest competitors and some of the good and bad in the Bolt’s design. An honest look at a car that, frankly, should appeal to more “on the fence” EV buyers than any other battery electric option on the road.

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Car have a dead battery? Jump starting is a simple, but exact process. If done incorrectly, several electronic systems in your car could be damaged. Here, our friend James Gilboy explains the two common methods for jump starting a car: one using traditional jumper cables and an operating vehicle and the other using a jump box with stored power as part of an emergency roadside kit.

Check it out!

To see a full review of the jump box he’s using, head over to CarNewsCafe:

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