Most of us know someone who’s “into cars.” Sometimes it’s classics, sometimes it’s muscle cars, and occasionally it’s trucks or mechanics. Rarely is it all cars, all the time, of any kind. Meet fellow traveler Matt McIvor, who not only loves cars, but who also has a revolving collection of a dozen models at any given time.

Find Matt on Posh Cars: https://realposhcars.com/

See the IIHS 1959 Bel Air crash test video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtxd27jlZ_g

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There are a lot of good things happening during the coronavirus social distancing. Even as automotive plants shut down the production of vehicles for the health and safety of their workers, automakers are jumping in to help communities and the country during this time. Here, we talk about the current happenings and give highlights of what vehicle brands and companies are doing to give back to communities. From building ventilators to making safety gear and feeding the hungry, the automotive industry continues its long tradition of caring for the people and nations it serves.

Stay safe and happy. We’re getting through this together.

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