Kristin teams up with Natasha Nicholes of HousefulOfNicholes to talk about family cars at the Chicago Auto Show. Natasha brings a mom-oriented and humorous perspective on what to look for in a ride and shares her experiences with the vehicles on display at CAS2020.

Find Natasha at: http://www.housefulofnicholes.com

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Kristin and I talk about the Chicago Auto Show, what we saw, and why auto shows are awesome for consumers. Looking to buy a car? Wondering what the latest technologies are? Wondering who’s making what kind of vehicle now? Love old cars and weird one-off museum pieces? All of that and more are at the auto show!

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In this episode, Kristin and Aaron look at the freshly-unveiled Gladiator Mojave at the Chicago Auto Show. Special guest Nicole Wakelin crashes our party to explain why she thinks this is the greatest thing ever and we shout out to Emme Hall who will definitely have interest in this new rig from Jeep. Plus someone throws things at us. Check it out!

Find Nicole at http://www.nicolewakelin.com/

See Kristin’s interview with Emme Hall about the Rebelle Rally here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW8okJqhC-Y

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In this video at the Chicago Auto Show, Aaron talks with Nathan Adlan of The Fast Lane about the all-new powertrain in the 2020 Frontier. Alongisde this new Frontier sits a 2007 model that rolled over 1,000,000 miles on its odometer as a delivery truck for a Chicago-area service. The new powertrain offers more muscle, better economy, and is the first tease of an entirely new Frontier (coming soon). How well did Nissan do? Nathan gives us his opinion and some insider insights.

Find Nathan at The Fast Lane Truck: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-85LYfB61OP4SRAgpfncw

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Kristin talks with FCA’s Mary Ann Capo about the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivan, now with AWD and a new infotainment system. This is a big step forward for the best-selling minivan and adds something that many of us have wanted for a long time: all-wheel drive. Learn the details and ins and outs of this setup straight from the source.

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