In this review, Aaron looks at the all-new, 8th-generation Corvette in its Z51 package and compares it to his friend’s 1974 Corvette 454. In this C3 vs C8 comparison, we’ll notice a lot of differences and, surprisingly, a lot of similarities. These are the most powerful versions of the Corvette for their respective generations and the commonalities are a testament to the ‘Vette always being Chevrolet’s most cutting-edge car. Check it out.

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Kristin talks about the Corvette and why it’s so great. While all the talk right now is on the new mid-engined 2020 model, Kristin loves the 2019 Grand Sport model with its beautiful red and massive appeal. Here’s her take.

For a full review, see Kristin’s writeup on Cars Her Way: https://www.carsherway.com/post/the-corvette-is-still-red-hot

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