Ford Sending 3 Teams to Rebelle Rally for the Bronco Nameplate

Ford is betting that the new Bronco series of sport utilities will win big in the desert, sending three teams to the women’s only Rebelle Rally in 2021. Shelby Hall and Penny Dale in the 2021 Bronco two-door Wildtrak edition, jumping from their winning X-cross class run last year in the Bronco Sport into the 4×4 class this year. Melissa Fischer and Cora Jokinen, both professional off-roaders, will enter the X-cross class in the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands edition. And in the 2021 Bronco four-door Badlands edition in the 4×4 class will be newcomers Kathryn Reinhardt and Victoria Bundrant with support from 4Wheel Parts, an off-road accessories supplier.

The Rebelle Rally is a navigation run through grueling desert landscapes in Nevada and California. The rally takes about a week to complete. The Rebelle begins on October 8 and runs through October 16.

“The No. 1 obstacle at Rebelle is your navigation, but the terrain definitely challenges the vehicles and these competitive women too,” said Young, who competed last year as a novice in a Bronco Sport. “This is such a great event to showcase what Bronco and these women off-roaders are capable of in the harshest conditions.”

“We’d love nothing more than to podium a Bronco and a Bronco Sport at the same time,” said Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager. “What I really like about sending the full family of Broncos is that Rebelle is about taking on different types of terrains and exploring; competitors aren’t just hitting high speeds in the desert. It’s a chance to show Bronco doing a different type of off-roading.”

During preavious years’ Rebelles, we’ve interviewed several of the participants including Emme Hall, Nicole Wakelin, and Alice Chase.


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