Where Is the Camera for My 360-view System?

by Aaron Turpen
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There are usually four cameras in that 360-view to make the single image your’e seeing. There is no camera atop the car, that vehicle image is virtual. If you leave your coffee mug or briefcase on top of the car, it won’t show up on that 360 camera view.

The cameras are located underneath each side mirror, at the rear of the car, and on the front of the car. The front camera is most often located underneath the manufacturer’s emblem or just under the grille and atop the bumper. The rear camera is usually at about the midpoint of the rear hatch/trunk.

All four cameras are tuned and positioned to get a specific view for their location. These views are then stitched together on the vehicle’s infotainment screen around a virtual image of the vehicle’s rooftop.

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